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In this paragraph you can read some significant project in my career. These are important from professional and personal point of view as well. Besides they were interesting and exciting for me. I am very proud because together we achieved our and projects’ goals.

Important Projects

AppAgile – RedHat Openshift based worldwide solutions on Azure  (2016 – )

  • Architect role in Microsoft Azure IaaS design, plan and implementation
  • Developer role in Microsoft Azure IaaS related solutions
  • Leader role in roadmap and technical directions
  • Discover new technologies and solution for AppAgile
  • Development activities
    • Python based Azure development. (Azure SDK for Python)
    • Azure-Cli based development
    • Ansible playbook related deployment on Azure
    • Azure API
    • Bottle webUI
    • ARM Template
    • GoLang
  • Use Scrum methodology
  • Used Azure clouds
    • Azure Gobal Cloud
    • Azure Germany Cloud
    • Azure China Cloud

Telecommunication BSS implementation to Telenor DK (2014-2015 – AsiaInfo)

  • Staffing Application Operation Team (discover the best persons to the Operational Team) – Juniors, Experts, Seniors. Mentor the team members – support and encourage the staff to manage their own learning in order to they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance.

  • Responsible for Operation Readiness

  • Implement ITIL complient processes

  • Onboarding and establishment with Basic Operation supplier

  • Take over the new system from Delivery Team

  • Support the GoLive

  • Keep the SLAs and Deadlines

  • Support the Chinese Team to implement their solution in Europe (Veris CRM, Veris Billing, Veris O2P, etc)


SharePoint (2010) Integration with a 3rd-party billing system (2013-2014 – FleXoIT)

  • Plan the communication flow (async) between SharePoint and the billing system.

  • Plan and create the interface database.

  • Plan and develop the SQL storage procedures.

  • Plan and develop the SharePoint workflows.

  • Manage testing and user integration.

  • Coordinating the implementation steps with the billing vendor.

Plan, develop and implement a Release Management Portal (2011-2012 – Telenor)

  • Planning, development and implementation of a SharePoint Server 2010 based Release Management Portal – based on my idea.

  • Go-Live after one month pilot phase without any major incident, downtime or disaster.

  • Plan, coordinate and manage of processes among affected offices, areas and vendors inside and outside the company.

  • Increase the efficiency of Release management processes without any administration overhead regarding human resources.

  • All processes were implemented by SharePoint Workflows.

  • Many forms were customized in InfoPath.

  • All modifications were performed by SharePoint Designer.

  • .NET and IIS deployment, support.

Leader role in Siebel CRM implementation (2010-2012 – Telenor)

  • Preparation, operations, environment planning, migration, coordination in the Oracle Siebel 8.1 implementation project.

  • Plan of structure of PROD and TEST environments.

  • Implement and configure High-Availability solutions on Siebel.

  • Keep connection with vendor (Wipro), business area and developers during the whole project.

  • Monitoring, optimizations, operational, and optimizations tasks after Go-Live.

  • Patch and release preparation and installation according to the release management process.

  • .NET based application support and Window IIS related support (monitoring, optimizing, installaiton).

Implementation and upgrade RedDot CMS system (2008-2011 – Telenor)

  • Preparation, operations, environment planning, coordination in the RedDot CMS 7.5 implementation project.

  • Planning of structure and build of PROD and TEST environments.

  • Prepare, plan, coordinate, schedule and implement of the execution.

  • Keep connection with business area, vendor (HP) and development department.

  • Implement and configure High-Availability solutions. (NLB)

  • Monitoring, optimizations, operations, and optimizations tasks after Go-Live.

  • Manage full version upgrade without any downtime (RedDot CRM 7.5 > 9.0, RedDot LiveServer 4.0 > 9.0) – based on my initiation.


“Tibor Kiss is very much focused on work and the actual task he is doing. Tibor always does his best and adds his own value to the solutions, and he is always keen to see and understand the overall picture. This attitude of him leads to tasks finished on time and solutions fulfilling all business and technical requirements. I would be happy to work together with him again in the future.”

Tamás Varga – Manager, MS Infrastructure Architect

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